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A DaVinci Survivor’s Husband

A DaVinci Survivor’s Husband:

If you are reading this, my heart goes out to you because you, or someone you love, has been and probably “still is” suffering from the after effects of surgery with the DaVinci robot. That sucks, and I know firsthand because I watch my wife suffer every day.

As complicated as my life has become, my problems are absolutely nothing compared to my wife’s issues. In brief, 13 days after her hysterectomy via the robot, she had emergency surgery for peritonitis. We were in the hospital for 9 days, and I really did not think she would make it out of the hospital. I quit my job to stay at home with her during recovery.

Once we saw the OBGYN after this emergency surgery, he said everything looked great, and she could resume marital activities again in a couple of weeks. We waited 6 weeks more than the doctor suggested since so much had gone wrong already. It was all just beginning because when we resumed our marital activities, a DaVinci …

New York

When I went to get a radical hysterectomy December 2015 using robotic surgery the doctor and his robot hurt my ureter. Now I'm not only a cancer patient but I am also a kidney patient because of that. For the rest of my life I'll need a stent which I get changed every 3 months costing me a lot of money or I lose my kidney. There's new practice it's making the robotic company money but it hurt my life physically emotionally and financially now. Now I have a disability that unless I work I cannot pay for and to keep a kidney I'm spending a lot of money on treatment because of this robotic surgery.

That is a nephrostomy tube I had to use for 2 years after they damaged me now it's a stent every 3 months that needs to be changed. It cost me a lot of money in order to keep my right kidney because they ruined my ureter and it cannot be fixed.


“I had a hysterectomy in 2013.  A Robot was used in my surgery. Almost 8 weeks later, I was rushed to the emergency room.  My doctor took pictures of what he saw when he opened me up. Purulent material, otherwise known as pus, and lots of it. The doctor found pus in my pelvic area and in my abdomen up to above my liver near my diaphragm.  I was found to have a vaginal cuff dehiscence with vaginal cuff cellulitis and pelvic abscess.  Hours later, I left surgery and began a 5 day hospital stay where infectious disease control was called in and a fight to rid my body of the infection began.

     Even though my life was saved, I was left with burning, stabbing and aching pain on my right side that reaches from my pelvis to my genitals to my groin and down my thigh. I hurt from the moment I wake up and to the end of my is chronic pain. I’ve had it for 5 years now and my doctors tell me it’s irreversible.  I usually take a narcotic within an hour or so of waking up and the dail…


Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci robot has a laundry list of recalls and an even longer list of deaths reported, known-product defects, and current trending failures (including breaking conductor wires in their robotic instruments, welding flaws, arcing, etc.). The very design of the da Vinci robot is defective as Active Electrode Monitoring (meant to detect insulation failures) is missing, and stray electrical currents burn and kill innocent patients. 

It is all there for the public to read in the FDA’s medical device adverse event database. There was no education of the dangers of robotic surgery when I went in for my consultation with the OBGYN oncology surgeon prior to my total hysterectomy. 

I had a very large fibroid and several smaller ones within my uterus, and the recommendation for my ongoing bleeding and discomfort was to have this surgery. The clinic offered no options for this procedure other than the da Vinci, and I assumed that this must be the way all hysterectomies are pe…


"My 35 year old daughter had a Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingectomy and pelvic floor repairs on September 7, 2017 with the da Vinci robotic system. She was discharged from the hospital a day later than expected, on September 9th. What we didn't know was her small intestines were perforated during that surgery. 

     On the morning of September 10th, I called 911 because her pulse was 148 and she was acting very incoherent. She developed sepsis, had emergency surgery to repair the perforation, and was in ICU until September 18th, and was later discharged on October 30th with a wound V.A.C. 

     She is still receiving home health services and is staying with me until she is better recovered. She was disabled before the surgeries, but was living independently by herself. Recovery has been slow. She also has suffered with anxiety and depression for years, and this situation did not help."

These are photos from her wound. I know they are graphic but they …

Faith & Into the blue - Teresa, CA.

I used to listen to Moby in the hospital for comfort and one song that brought me extra comfort and captured my feelings during this time was the song "into the blue." Every time I listen to this song it brings me back to that night. I remember the fear of death and feeling it wasn't my time, but also being wide open and reaching for it.

     I prayed everyday during that hospital stay. It gave me strength to know God was with me and we were not alone. That night I thought I might not live, it was a different prayer, faced with death I prayed for my young family that I might leave behind. I hoped that it wasn't my time but also felt so safe if it were. How easy it could be to let go and fly into the blue. There would be no more pain or suffering but I still had that will to stay and fight. When I opened my eyes that day in critical care I was so happy to still be here.

     So when I hear this song it reminds me how easy it can be to let go but also the strugg…